Monday, October 3, 2011

Dave Shows You How To Serve Up Some Nice Cold Squid

"What if the feminists realize we are on to them and start doing things differently?  What if they start using rational arguments instead of the same cheap tactics which they have used for 50 years?  What then? But then you would be forgetting one of my other key points:
Their tactics never change.
As evidence, I present to you Exhibit A:  Ferdinand’s DV Debate: David Futrelle fulminates; loses temper and debate.

I admit I didn’t read the whole debate between Paul Elam and the male feminist who’s cups runneth over.  He went there to trade study for study on the question of whether women really do commit domestic violence against men at similar levels as men do to women.  His argument was that since he could point to more studies showing the orthodox feminist view, his perspective must be right.  I stopped reading after a commenter to the debate jumped in the ring and knocked the feminist out with a link to the Jezebel post where feminists brag about all of the domestic violence they have committed against their boyfriends:  Have You Ever Beat Up A Boyfriend? Cause, Uh, We Have.

Stay classy feminists.

The feminist looked like he might come to just in time to avoid the count.  He started mumbling incoherently that the link didn’t prove anything, and there weren’t that many women eagerly recounting tales of abusing their boyfriends.  Besides, the women were probably lying and had really just been defending themselves.  And none of the comments looked that bad to him anyway.  Most of those guys probably eventually recovered with proper medical treatment.

Then a commenter on his own blog pointed out that there are multiple pages of comments on the post, and referenced examples of the women breaking into ex boyfriends homes and stabbing them, etc.  Even the feminist was stunned.  I pretty much stopped following the action at that point.

So I wasn’t surprised to learn that shortly thereafter he stopped backing up the feminist study dump truck and decided to find an excuse to end the debate and remove the record of it instead."

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