Monday, October 3, 2011

Dave Provides Doughnut Holes To Go With His Chowder

Quote from: John Dias on January 10, 2011, 03:00:12 PM

I've been commenting over at Futrelle's blog for months now, BQ, and I have to say that your presence there is a welcome addition.  We need reasonable and articulate voices to counter the assertions that the author makes routinely.  The purpose of David Futrelle's blog is to unfairly portray the various misogynistic statements that he finds around the Web (as well as statements that are conflated by David into examples misogyny) as somehow representing the men's rights movement as a whole, and to discredit its aims.  That's what is really in play here:  legitimacy.  If our movement is not socially perceived as legitimate, then we face a tougher time gaining leverage in the legislatures and at the ballot box.

I've seen his picture that was associated with his previous online writing.  Also, I've talked to him over the phone.  He's a real guy.  Unfortunately, I believe that deep down, David Futrelle thinks that the people who advocate on behalf of men are somehow by definition apologists for misogyny.  His blog exists in order to perpetuate the legitimacy of the status quo (he told me that his intent is merely to study misogyny as a phenomenon, but I highly doubt that). In my opinion, his blog has a political purpose.  He wants his writing to thwart the political momentum of the men's and father's rights movements.;wap2

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